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  • The demos on this page are limited prototypes that demonstrate one or more technical features.
  • You can click on each heading below to expand or contract the section.
  • Each demo will be launched in a separate tab or window. Close that window or tab to return to this page.
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The data that generated this virtual reality model of the Grand Valley in Western Colorado was extracted from Bing maps. Height-map data was combined with texture data to create a 3D model, which was then brought into a scene in Unity and prepped for virtual reality.

You can navigate through the scene by using the following:

  1. W - Move Up A - Move Left S - Move Down D - Move Right
  2. Click and drag - Rotate camera
  3. Click on the change camera buttons to change to a predefined location
  4. Click on the top of the 3D tower icon to launch the Prostar Office virtual reality demo

The office space was mapped in 360 degrees then processed by . The result was brought into a Unity scene and prepped for virtual reality.

You can navigate through the scene by using the following:

  1. W - Move Forward A - Move Left S - Move Back D - Move Right
  2. Drag - Turn
  3. Walk out the front door of the office to launch the Grand Valley virtual reality demo

This data visualization shows the relationships between documents and people who use those documents. The primary relation is between the document and the creator/owner of the document. Secondary relationships are between the document and people who share the document. From these two relationships, a third relationship is implied which is the relationship between a person who created a document and all those who share that document.

You can navigate through the visualization by using the following:

  1. Rotate - Drag the mouse while holding the left mouse button to rotate the visualization up, down, left, and right.
  2. Zoom - Use the mouse-wheel to zoom in and out.
  3. Select - Click on a person or document to see specific relationships